Is this You?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to break into Africa's markets? 

Perhaps you're an SME looking to launch or expand into Africa in the next 3 months, 6 months or 1 year?

You may already be in a part of Africa and looking to leverage AfCFTA’s pan-African trade opportunities.

Or perhaps you're an established organisation that knows no limits to the extent of your impact.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are Generation Africa. I am Generation Africa. We are Generation Africa.

Welcome to Generation Africa Consultancy, EMEA’s trusted specialist in internationalising businesses with a focus on Africa.

Connecting socially conscious global businesses to trusted local markets, Gen A is responding to a growing need for intra-African

trade and accompanying global opportunities by translating businesses between cultures.

How we add Value

We empower business leaders and their local initiatives by understanding their needs and bridging existing gaps; 

We leverage existing global programmes for Africa to expand your local and international networks; 

We support the business development of organisations that want to set up projects for Africa, wherever they are in the process of Ideation, Business Plan creation, Pitching for Financing, building Partnerships, until Realisation; and

We offer educational support through Entrepreneurship and Leadership programmes and Mentorship.

We have multi-cultural experiences of living, working and doing business in Japan, the Middle East, across Europe,

Francophone Africa and English-speaking Africa. We are knowledgeable about cross-cultural issues that impact how you do business in these regions of the world.

As an end-to-end business solutions organisation we collaborate with clients and co-create sophisticated solutions to seemingly complex problems. We increase your cultural competencies both at the individual and organisational level to enable you to work more effectively with strategic partners of diverse cultural backgrounds.

We help you to understand where you are going and how things are done there, whether you second employees abroad, you're a business seeking expansion internationally or you're from the diaspora community and looking to invest in your home country.

Ultimately, together with our stakeholders, we are co-creating a sustainable, trust-based business ecosystem across Africa whilst encouraging wider participation in the creation of solutions for the development of Africa.

Our Services & Contribution

Bespoke Training & Mentoring

With the latest methodology for internationalisation into Africa, Gen A Consultancy can help you to improve the effectiveness of your business approach through bespoke training that addresses critical topics for pan-African and global success.  

Business Coaching

Are you interested in reaching out internationally to gain market share and grow but not sure how? With Gen A as your thinking partner and go-to source for an outside perspective, I can help you to refine ambiguous ideas into actual plans.

Strategy Consulting

Your business is constantly evolving and so should your business's strategy. With the rapidly changing global economy, planning for the post Covid19 era requires a look into new growth markets, now more than ever before.

Work with Me

Like the well-known African proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together". Whether you’re looking for a coaching partner or a collaboration partner, I want to hear from you.  

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